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Website: Dark Angel Hypnoweb
Team: kimiM
Language: lang
Status: ONLINE
Dates: 2005 - present
Link: https://dark.hypnoweb.net/dark-angel/

eng Description:
Dark Angel Hypnoweb (DAHW) (previously known as HypnoSeries) is a subdomain of the main domain HypnoSeries which is a participatory website, created in 2003 by Hypnotic. Dark Angel Hypnoweb was created in 2005, the original admin was lelivavs followed later by cmarine13 then carole8370. Since 2009, kimiM has maintained this fansite. DAhw offers over a thousand pages on the series, episodes, actors, characters and many articles. The updates are made regularly (weekly if not daily) and the site continues to grow despite the series' cancellation. Members also have the opportunity to post fan fiction and participate in events and the forum board is still active.

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