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Dark Angel Underground was first created for you, Dark Angel fans, what started as a basic spreadsheet became a website. DAU grew over the years and is now more interactive than before and it will keep evolving. Its aim is still the same, collect as much DA fan sites as possible. However, it is a tremendous task to do alone. I dedicate a lot my time trying to fill and improve DAU because I enjoy doing it but with the help of fans we could make DAU the greatest portal for all DA websites.

By signing up, you'll be part of a community that helps DAU grow and keeps Dark Angel alive by retracing all of the fan sites history! Being a member is like joining a fan listing with the addition of a communication medium via the chat where you can discuss with other DA fans and learn more about them via their profil page. Be recognized as a top informant and gain ranks by adding fan sites' information or submitting links. You can also improve the website by reporting dead link or bugs.

Other features, will develop in the future according to member's wishes and our skills combined.

Yours, kimiM.


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