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fr Bienvenue sur Dark Angel Underground
Un site dédié à la série 'Dark Angel' (2000-2002).

La série est maintenant terminée depuis un bon moment, avec le temps, les sites sur Dark Angel disparaissent petit à petit et il devient difficile de trouver des informations. DAU a pour but, de retrouver tout ce qui concerne DA et les mettre à disposition des fans afin de faciliter votre recherche et unir les sites restants!

eng Welcome on Dark Angel Underground
A website dedicated to the TV show 'Dark Angel' (2000-2002).

The show is over for a while now, as time goes by, Dark Angel websites go offline gradually and it becomes difficult to find information. DAU's aim is to find everything related to DA and share it with the fans to facilitate your research and unite all the remaining websites!

cb 411 - 07/09/2019


eng What's up?

Interview with JC MacKenzie

Read the exclusive interview with actor JC MacKenzie right here.

New web host

DAU now moved to a paying host service to ensure a better quality of service and availability.

Profile update

A Twitter field has been added on members' profile. Just put your twitter user name and the link will be automatic.

DAU v2.5!

After a few weeks I finally upgrade DAU! The website is now more interactive with the member area! Sign up and discover all the benefits of becoming a member. DAU was made for you and now you can help DAU grow and keep Dark Angel alive by retracing all of the fansites history! If you need help/report bug just login or contact me via the form.